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Along the White Trail within Roaring Rock Park
White Trail - Roaring Rock Park
Washington Township, Warren County, NJ

We are residents who live in and around Washington Township, Warren County NJ.  In early 2021 we formed our group after learning that the Township contracted with Gracie and Harrigan, a forestry consultant, to design a Forest Management Plan ("Plan") that would have targeted all 400 acres of forest within Roaring Rock Park for commercial logging. 

Throughout 2021, we expressed our concerns about the adverse effects the Plan would have had on the Park, a public forest the Township purchased from American Water Company with Green Acre Funding, if the Plan was fully executed over its ten year period.

We are delighted that the Township Committee listened to our concerns, and unanimously voted to terminate the Plan during the open public meeting held on November 16th, 2021.

Going forward, our team pledges to:

  1. Proactively engage elected officials to preserve and improve Roaring Rock Park, and other passive recreational sites like it in the Warren County New Jersey area;
  2. Engage New Jersey state and local government entities to ensure ecologically responsible, and environmentally sustainable, forest management practices are carried out on public lands;
  3. Connect like minded individuals, who care about public land and wildlife preservation, with one another and with environmental advocacy groups, in this state and across the nation.

What can you do to help

Team SRRP at NNO Aug 2021
Team SRRP at National Night Out
Washington Township, August 3rd, 2021
  1. Visit and use Roaring Rock Park.    If you do not know where it is, click HERE to pull up a Google Map of its location.   Use the hiking trails that were built from years of volunteer labor.   If you are a fisherman, enjoy fishing Brass Castle Creek.
  2. Attend Washington Township Recreation Committee meetings. Voice your opinions and support to Township committee for passive recreation sites like Roaring Rock Park, Lake Marguerite and Griffith Woods.
  3. Volunteer to help maintain the hiking trails within the parks. The Washington Township Passive Area Recreation Coordinator (PARC) organizes frequent volunteer days to blaze and clear trails. This is especially valuable work since, unfortunately, our area parks are overrun with invasive plant species such as Japanese barberry. To be informed of upcoming volunteer days, send an email to PARC and ask to be put on the email list.

Our area parks and passive recreation sites need the support of residents who care about preserving the rural character of Warren County NJ. Helping out with the above activities shows YOUR support (and it provides a physical and mental boost to get out on the trails too!).

Let's stay in touch !

We keep in contact via an email newsletter.   Using it, we send out periodic updates on our activities. You can subscribe by submitting your email address below.   You may unsubscribe at any time.

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