Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Commercial logging has started at Roaring Rock Park

Commercial logging machinery at Roaring Rock Park
Commercial logging machinery at Roaring Rock Park

In June 2021, Washington Township started commercial logging at Roaring Rock Park, waving off concerns expressed in the open public meeting on March 16th 2021.   Their decision to proceed runs counter to concerns raised by Warren County Board of Commissions regarding Forest Management Plans, and identified in their resolution adopted May 12th 2021 which opposes state legislation mandating such activity on New Jersey Public Lands.   Similar resolutions identifying the harmful effects of Forest Management has been passed by other local municipalities and counties, namely Hunterdon and Monmouth counties and several local governmental bodies.

If you are concerned about how commercial logging, performed under the context of a "Forest Management Plan",  will impact the park, you can do several things:

  1. if you are a resident, write your elected officials, and express your concerns;
  2. attend the next open public regular meeting, and express your views in person.   They occur the third Tuesdays of each month, and the public is afforded an opportunity to speak out on issues that are on, and not on, the agenda.  If public speaking is not your strong point, consider writing a letter and ask the Town Clerk to enter it into the public record;
  3. show your public support by hosting a lawn sign.

    Do you want to host a lawn sign in your front yard?

    Roaring Rock Park Lawn Sign June 2021

    To show your support publicly, SaveRoaringRockPark.org and its affiliate the New Jersey Highlands Coalition (NJHC), are offering these lawn signs to area residents.   Although not required, donations are greatly appreciated to offset the printing costs.

    Are you interested in hosting one?   If you are...

    THANK YOU !!!

    Here is what you can do to obtain one:
    1. Send an email to lawnsigns@saveroaringrockpark.org to make delivery arrangements.
    2. Please consider donating to help us be successful.  Click HERE to access our donation page. 


    Commercial logging machinery at Roaring Rock Park
    Commercial logging machinery at Roaring Rock Park

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